Step By Step

We will teach you what you need to know to put thousands of dollars in your pocket Step By Step!
You don't need any money or credit to get a bank loan. (Our Process doesn't involve banks.)
The only thing you need is the knowledge we will teach you in our 
FREE 6 Week House Flipping Seminar!
The Basics

You don't need any money,credit, or prior knowledge to do this. We will cover the basics you need to start putting money in your pocket right away! Everything from start to finish! You will learn how to find the properties your looking for,Learn how to find out if that property is profitable, Learn how to talk to sellers, Structure the deals so it makes you the most money and how to close the deal! All for FREE!

Finding Leads

One of the secrets to finding properties is knowing where to look and figure out the types of properties and people you want to buy from. Knowing these details is the first step to finding the target sellers that will make you the most money! 

Running Comps

How do you find out if the property is a good deal?

Learn how to estimate repairs, find the value of the property after repair, and find out every number you need to know to find out if that property will be profitable!

Talking To the Seller
Structuring The Deal
Closing The Deal

The way you talk to a seller is a vital part of this process. It can make or break your deal. We will teach you how to talk with sellers so the deal will work in your favor. This will give you the knowledge to approach any seller with confidence and walk away with the contract signed!


Structuring the deal correctly will make the difference between putting thousands in your pocket or walking away empty handed. You will learn how to structure deals so that they bring the most profit to you.  

After you've talked with the seller and negotiated the deal now you need to close the deal and gather the check. Whats the process behind closing? Though its rather simple you need to know how it works between the seller and you.